• Feb 18, 2021 · In Kerala, as per the census data, rate of population growth of these three major religions declined during the period 2001-2011 census compared to 1991-2001 census.

    Kerala religion percentage

    Thus the population Density of Kerala is 860 per square km which is higher than national average 382 per square km. best video game characters 2018. her triplet alphas chapter 28 pdf free download

    Muslims comprise 14. 2% in 2011 – up by a total of 4. 7 per cent of the country's total population), 8. .


    73% of Kerala population.

    The data for 2022 & 2023 is under process and will be updated in few weeks.

    [1] [8].

    Hindu Population in India 2023.

    According to 2011 Census of India figures, 54.

    Sep 21, 2021 · fc-falcon">Meanwhile, the share of Muslims grew from 13. Islam has some unique traits as far as apostasy is concerned. 3 percent of the population, respectively. .

    Kerala is a relatively small state, with a population of 33 million, but it has a far higher proportion of Muslims (27%, mostly Sunnis) than India as a whole (14%); in many towns and cities in the northern Malabar district they are a majority. [2] The legends regarding the origin of Kerala are Hindu in nature. For example, Hindus increased from 304 million (30.

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    Kerala : Muslim Cleric Aliyar Khasimi says Kerala is a Muslim-majority state, having 26 per cent Muslims of the total population. Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has alleged that Congress president Rahul Gandhi decided to contest from Wayanad in Kerala as Hindus are a minority there.

    . 56% are Muslims, 18.


    Around eight percent of India's waterways are found in Kerala. .


    73% of Kerala's population are Hindus, 26.

    Muslims comprise 14.

    . . The movie faced legal challenges and mounting criticism in April as its release date approached. Population of Kerala by Religion.

    in, results. . 73% of Kerala population. Religion in Kerala (2011).

    The 2011 Indian census found a total of 6,411,269 Christians in Kerala,.

    83%: Manjeri: Muslim: 27. 8% of India’s population. 56%: 3: Christian: 18.

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    87% in 10 years. 2%; Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains account for most of the remaining 6%. 38%) lagged. [1] Although a minority, the Christian population of Kerala is proportionally much larger than that of India as a whole.